Japanese Band Hosting Information

Click below for information specifically for those families hosting students from Japan.  More details about the Pot-Luck dinner will be forthcoming asap (you may have to click then click again)

Okayama visit  


District Audition Results:

Congratulation to the following students who were selected to the District Honor Band.  An *  indicates students who passed on to the final round of All-State.  That audition is January 6 at Houston County High School in Perry, GA.  Audition times in parenthesis.

  • Sara Castro *            3rd chair (10:45)
  • Victoria Sturges *    6th chair (10:20)
  • Mina Yu *                  1st chair (10:12)
  • Will Evelyn *             2nd chair (10:09)
  • Jack Weisenborn *   2nd chair (10:12)
  • Isaac Terpin*             3rd chair (9:54)
  • Brett Toutkoushian   7th chair
  • Robert Terpin           16th chair
  • Eric Looney *             2nd chair (10:06)


JanFest Etudes

Students participating in Jan-Fest can find their audition etudes here:

JanFest Etudes