Color Guard

OCHS Warrior Color Guard


OCHS is proud to offer both Fall Color Guard (Marching Band) and a Winter Guard program.

Color Guard is the visual aspect of the OCHS Warrior Marching Band which has developed into a sport that fuses dance, theatrics, and props to better express dynamic passages in the music accompanying the band’s field show. OCHS Color Guard uses flags, rifles, swing flags, and a few other pieces of equipment. We have begun mixing in elements of ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary modern dance. Beyond the performance, Color Guard is a great extracurricular activity which is good exercise, allows for travel, shows school spirit, and MOST IMPORTANT is a ton of FUN!  The band program is also committed to helping students become disciplined performers and to developing their leadership potential.

  • Parents we need your support!!! Plan to sign up to work concessions or as a chaperone  for an away game 🙂
  • Check the website calendar for important dates and information