Booster Officers

Booster Leader Roles

President (Officer)

The President shall preside at all club and executive committee meetings, shall appoint special committees as needed, shall keep membership informed, shall serve as chair of the executive committee, coordinate the activities of all committees, may serve as a member of any club committee except the nominating and audit committees, and shall cooperate with and assist the band director, school administrators, and school board officials.

1st Vice President (Officer)

The First Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the president and shall assume all duties of the president if a vacancy occurs in that office. The First Vice-President
serves as the chair of the Band Camp/Picnic Committee. This person will then appoint a chair assistant to help oversee the camp/picnic activities. The First Vice-President shall also serve as the chair of the Band Banquet Committee and serves on the fundraising committee.

2nd Vice President (Officer)

The Second Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the President and First Vice-President and shall assume all duties of the president if a simultaneous vacancy occurs in the offices of President and First Vice-President. The Second Vice -President serves as the chair of the budget planning committee, chair of the fundraising committee, and reports on the activities and needs of the fundraising committee.

Secretary (Officer)

The Secretary shall keep minutes of all proceedings of club meetings and executive committee meetings. The Secretary shall keep such other records as may be determined by the Boosters, its officers or committees, and shall serve as the Boosters’ Parliamentarian. The Secretary shall ensure that the minutes of the present and previous years are available for reference at all club and executive committee meetings. The Secretary shall also maintain and make available at any meeting a current roster of the Boosters’ members and a current copy of the Boosters by-laws. The Secretary shall serve as chair of the Membership Committee and will keep an accurate database of student/parent information. A disk with names and addresses to be used for mailing labels will also be available to any committee that needs it.

Treasurer (Officer)

The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of the club’s financial transactions, shall receive and disburse the club’s funds as directed by the Boosters or executive committee, shall present a statement of account at every meeting of the Boosters, and at such other times as directed by the Boosters or executive committee, and shall cooperate with the auditing committee to make a full annual financial accounting at the May meeting. The Treasurer will also chair the Student Accounts Committee. No funds shall be disbursed without the approval of the Treasurer and either the President or Second Vice-President.

Student Accounts Manager

The Student Accounts Manager keeps track of any payments that students make during the year, such as annual dues, equipment purchases, trip payments, etc...  If desired, the Treasurer can perform this role, but it is often necessary to separate it.

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator manages volunteer opportunities throughout the year, such as Band Camp, Concessions, Trips, Away Games, etc...  The Volunteer Coordinator creates and maintains all Sign Up Genius pages and provides volunteer lists as needed, for example to football game gate workers.

Auxiliary At Large

The auxiliary member at large acts as a liaison between the auxiliary corps (Color/Winter Guard) and ensures these members are represented on the executive, fundraising, and budget planning committees.

Equipment Manager

The Equipment Manager helps to coordinate and control the marching band's equipment during games (home and away) and any other performances.  Equipment includes larger instruments and any larger props required for the show.

Concession Managers (2 people)

Concession Managers manage everything to do with the concession stand for home football games in the fall, as well as soccer and lacrosse games in the spring.  Some responsibilities include: inventory and ordering drinks from Coke, help stock the coolers a few days before a home game, set up water coolers for both bands in stands prior to game, replenish drink coolers during the game, help set up concession stand prior to home games – if possible be there by 5:00, order Fox’s Pizza a few days before home games, train volunteers on how to work the concession stand.

Trailer Driver

The Trailer Driver tows the band trailer for away games and marching band competitions / exhibitions.  This person must have a vehicle capable of towing a large trailer.

Uniform Coordinator

The Uniform Coordinator manages all aspects of the band uniforms.  During Band Camp, the Uniform Coordinator works with students to fit uniforms and during games, they will manage the plumes (students don't keep the plumes at home).