Uniform Care

Important Uniform Information:

Your student should have already been given his/her uniform.  Be sure to check the sizing of the uniform before Friday.  If you have not seen your student's uniform, ask them where it is.  (a good guess would be the car or band room)

Below are some hints for wearing and caring for your uniform from our amazing uniform team.  I have had children in band for many, many years and I learned a few new things from these directions.

Coats: While wearing the coat with arms resting at the sides, fold the sleeve ends under.  Slide them up until the sleeves land at the wrist bone or slightly longer and snap the sleeves into place.

Bibbers: Start by adjusting the shoulder strap until the body length is comfortable.  Fold the pants legs under. Slide the pants inside each leg until pant leg hangs straight without folds and just touches the tops of the shoes. Snap the hems at that place.

Storage: The uniforms will be going home in a garment bag.  They need to stay at home hanging in a safe place until there is a  game.  Do not leave them at the school between games.  The garment bag needs to stay unzipped at home to allow the uniform to air out.


Coats:   The coat needs to be dry cleaned on a regular basis (we will let you know when this needs to be done-spoiler alert-first cleaning is after this Friday's game). We get a discount at Costa’s cleaners (either location) for $3 a coat.  Please remove the black collar from the coat and clean it in warm or cold water and hang dry after each time they wear the uniform.  Don’t forget to replace the collar before they wear the uniform.
Bibbers:  The bibbers need to be washed in warm or cold water at home and hung to dry or low/delicate machine dry after each wearing if possible.  They can also be dry-cleaned if you want for $3 also.

Dry cleaning:  All students are asked to dry clean the jackets regularly.  We will notify you when its time to clean the jacket (after this Friday's game)  Sometimes your nose is the best notification!  The first cleaning should be after this Friday's hot and sweaty game. After you dry clean your uniform, return the dry cleaning receipt with your students' name clearly written on it to Mr. Provost or Shari Terpin.  There will be an envelope in the band room for receipts.  At the end of the season there will be a drawing for a $75 Walmart gift certificate for all of those who have dry cleaned their uniforms each time it was requested.

Other Info: 
Gauntlets and plumes will be handed out before halftime and picked back up after halftime.  These do not go home with the students.
Buttons - If  the top of a  button pops off of the coats – do not fret.  Please see Shari Terpin, Sherrie Schwarzenbach or Gina Lonnee about replacing them.
Replacing hats and collars - Please note that the cost of replacing lost hats is $45 and the cost of replacing the black collars is $6.